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we use energy, water, and technology.

Find out how Toshiba aspires to shape happier living for all.

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Toshiba strives to deliver leading-edge quality innovations in social infrastructure,
energy, electronic devices and digital solutions, and make a meaningful difference to people and places.

We know it’s not easy to recognise Toshiba’s innovations around you because they’re mostly running
in the background at full force — to empower society and ensure that your everyday needs are fulfilled.
Take a closer look at Toshiba’s solutions that are forming the blueprint for happier living.



Working towards realising low-carbon societies through next-generation green energy solutions.

  • • Thermal Power System
  • • Hydroelectric Power System
  • • Geothermal Power System
  • • Solar Power System
  • • Hydrogen System (H2One™)
  • • Transmission & Distribution System


Railway Solutions
Minimising maintenance and noise through advanced Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with 97% rated energy efficiency.
Highway Solutions
Enabling smoother, safer road-use experiences through Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
SCIB™ Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
Ensuring alternative energy supply during power outages and emergencies for continuity of train operation as well as passenger safety and comfort.
Postal Systems
Delivering integrated postal and logistics solutions to support growing needs.
Building Solutions
Meeting needs for comfort and high-energy efficiency through cost-saving solutions.
  • • Elevators
  • • LED Lighting
  • • Air Conditioners
Water Supply & Wastewater
Treatment Systems
Providing clean water supply to residential, commercial and recreational facilities and wastewater & recycle wastewater treatment solutions for food factories and industrial parks.
EV Bus
Reducing CO 2 emissions by up to 60% through environmentally friendly electric bus systems.


Enabling smarter societies and transforming businesses by combining state-of-the-art technologies such as IoT, big data, and AI.

  • • Spinex™ — Toshiba’s IoT Architecture
  • • IoT Solutions for Energy
  • • IoT and AI Industrial Applications
  • • AI Applications for Sports
  • • Automotive Industry
  • • Wireless Communication Technology


Exciting the marketplace by creating technologically intelligent electronic components and storage products.

  • • Storage Products
  • • LSI & Discrete System
  • • Industrial Application